Like everyone said.
Love is precious.
Don't harm and priceless.

Like beautiful couple of friends,
Qie n Ren
One down, the other will withstand
And keep warm

Like a harmony melody of  movement
Qie n Ren
Both have their own lines, route and space
But enough to build  a trust and synergized

Qie and Ren
It isn't real
It isn't alive for real

p/s: For those who ask an inspirations, does it enough to see what have been given around you?

Cerita Habib:
Saja singgah selalu bagi makan Qie dan Ren.. Ada rezeki boleh beli, dari Tuan. Hoho. Gambar? Tengok je Qie n Ren kat sebelah…=)

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