Seindah SURIA dan BULAN

Suria: Kau tahu keadaan ku? macam-macam hari ini.
Bulan: Ya. aku kira aku mengerti. Hidup mmg begitu.
Suria: Kenapa rasa sesak?
Bulan: Biasalah. Kita takkan selalunya tenang. Selamat berjaya.
Suria: Kau tidak punya masalah seperti aku?
Bulan: Biasa-biasa saja. masalah di mana- mana. Aku ceritakan pun, kau belum tentu mengerti benar.

Suria: I just wanna give a helping hand.
Bulan: I appreciate that.
Suria: are u sure u don't want to tell?
Bulan: Ya. Pretty sure.
Suria: U not trust me? at least we can share like what i did with u.
Bulan: Listen friend, there something we can express and lots more..we just can't. There are so many things i wanna tell yet my thoughts say that maybe it just about life and nothing huge about. So i don't bother anyway. Keep going, moving and living.. as what Allah has create me to.
Suria: Sharing is caring dude..
Bulan: Hahah..yeah. Cool ha? thanks...
Suria: So, what's the problem?
Bulan:..Nothing....we just different in some parts and there are things that u can't reach me. So do i. U are in day...while i'm in night...and things gonna be different way buddy.  Ok? don't think too much. u r still my friend and my best.
Suria: I got your words...and I'll always be there for you. You know it, do u?
Bulan: Alhamdulillah. Friend, i love u.
Suria: Count on me.