Today I walked without silence
Calm hearted people surrounds
Warm strength gripping my arms
The site shivers me with no worries and no harm
I feel the heat and enjoy the laugh
And today, I am inspired enough to stand on my own
Looked up to the sky
Hanging freely; unsupported
And I saw the earth is getting older; Days move faster
And somehow…what is in belongings today will move far away

Laugh for today doesn’t mean for tomorrow
Strength for today will gone; turn us down and sorrow
And I bet at that time,
Is there any lights left for me?
O Allah, I seek for Your bless
To keep me wise and do my best      
Even there are troubles, worries and unrest
I’m able to beat the rest

Wound, scars.. Hardened myself
And I.. I believe Allah always being my companion
Even in my crawl, my left soul; I can pass which is beyond
Even in my fail, my rough sail; I can cross over and move on
Thank You.

Tuan Habib
February 2011
~Layan..Rimbun keampunan_Hijjaz~